Platform Issue

Choosing a platform

The Miss America Organization requires each contestant to have a platform. Your platform should reflect an issue of concern to the American people. Choose one that you have been personally involved with prior to the competition. Your personal connection to the platform issue should be clearly understood. The platform issue should be one that is supported by legitimate 501(c)3 organizations on the local, state and national level. It should be of interest to corporations, the news media, and other important audiences.

Be honest with your answers and realistic with your goals in regards to your platform and your year of service. At the local level judges want to see that you have a personal commitment to this issue. It should be clear that you have researched, thought about, and understand your platform and its impact at the local and state level. Should you become Miss Indiana University, the issue you address during this competition will become your local platform for the Miss Indiana pageant. At that point the Miss Indiana University Scholarship Program will provide you with additional information, resources, and assistance to support your involvement in this issue.

For competition you will prepare a platform statement, which judges will receive in advance so they may prepare questions for the interview phase of competition. The Miss America Organization has designed a specific format to be used in all local and state competitions.

Sample Platform Statement

Instructions for formatting platform statements


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