Pageant Day

Miss IU 2011 contestant Kati Detty shares her platform. Photo by Carly Garber

A full day of activity

The day of the pageant will be a busy one for contestants. Alumni Hall in the Indiana Memorial Union will be open at 8 a.m. for contestant move-in. Next, we’ll start the day with a quick meeting at 9 a.m., followed by interviews with the judges and individual talent run-throughs on stage. After interviews we’ll take a break for a special luncheon with Miss IU and Miss Indiana alumnae.

Afternoon rehearsal for all contestants will take place from approximately 1:30-4 p.m. After a quick break, the pageant will begin between 5:30 p.m. Depending on the number of contestants this year, we may adjust this tentative schedule.

A detailed schedule will be available once the number of contestants is determined.

Phases of Competition

The following judging standards reflect changes made by the Miss America Organization in Spring 2016. The competition will no longer use a final ballot.


  • Contestants participate in a 10-minute personal interview (question/answer over platform, personal and current events, plus a closing) with the judging panel. Judges look for a candidate who demonstrates intelligence and poise, a candidate who is familiar with Indiana University and is engaging and well-spoken. 25% of total score


  • Each contestant performs a 90-second talent presentation of her choice. Judges look for stage presence and the ability to relate to audience members. 30% of total score

Evening Gown

  • Contestants present an evening gown of their choice. Judges are instructed to reward poise, grace, and carriage. 15% of total score

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit

  • Each contestant presents a swimsuit of her choosing (may be one piece or two). Judges look for physical health and confidence10% of total score

Onstage Questions

  • Miss Indiana University must be able to answer impromptu questions in front of large crowds. Quick thinking and being genuine help contestants sail through the final part of competition. Contestants will answer one question during the On-Stage Question competition.  The on-stage question will be a relevant topic chosen randomly by the contestant. 20% of total score

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