Hoosier Crossfit to provide personal training for Miss IU 2011

Hoosier Crossfit, personal trainer of Miss IU 2011

As a community business partner of the Miss Indiana University pageant, Shaun Tieman and Jenna Innis, owners of Hoosier Crossfit, have agreed to provide one year of personal training services to our new titleholder. Miss Indiana University is sure to be healthy and strong when she competes in the Miss Indiana pageant in June, thanks to Crossfit’s three-pronged approach.

Shaun explains the difference in his gym and regular work-out facilities: “CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program in which we specialize in all areas of fitness: cardiovascular respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, speed, accuracy, coordination, power, and stamina.

“Hoosier CrossFit helps you achieve fitness by incorporating a variation of metabolic conditioning, Olympic Lifting, plyometric exercises and gymnastics. In addition, classes are conducted as personal training in small groups; we deliver high-quality training and superb motivation to complete your intense workout.

“We have experience with small and large groups, ages 4+, including a wide range of fitness abilities.¬† If you are goal oriented with a competitive spirit and seeking a new and different workout, Hoosier CrossFit is right for you.”

Hoosier Crossfit is located at 418 South College Avenue.